Recent Archaeological Research at Jemez Historic Site


Explore current archaeological research at Jemez Historic Site.


Between August 2018 and April 2019, New Mexico Historic Sites conducted archaeological investigations at Jemez Historic Site. The goal of this research was to address long held questions about the Jemez people involving their origins and how their lives changed after the arrival of the Spanish. It resulted in the collection of over 20,000 artifacts and the documentation of a room thought to have been abandoned during the seventeenth century. This presentation will discuss the results of the research and the impacts it is already having on the interpretation of the site.

Program Duration: 45-90 minutes

Program Targeted to: 12th Grade+, College, and Adults

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Jemez Historic Site


Science, Social Studies


Anthropology, Archaeology, History

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9th – 12th Grade, College, Adult