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Explore the variety of programs offered by all Department of Cultural Affairs Presenters below. You can sort by “Presenter”, “Age Group”, or “Topic” by choosing your selection(s) on the right side panel. 

To read more information about a particular program, click on its title/image.

Once you have decided on a program you want to request, click on “Request this Program” beneath it. 

You can then checkout by following the links to fill out a form and submit your request, or you can keep browsing other programs, and your selection(s) will be saved in the Shopping Cart at the top right corner of this site until you are ready. 

If you would like to request a customized program (something besides the program options listed below) or have any questions before submitting a request, click the “Contact Us” tab above to email a contact person for the Presenter you’re interested in.

Notes on filtering the Program list (using the right side panel): Click once on a Presenter, Age Group, or Topic to filter programs by it (a checkbox will appear next to it). To deselect, click on the same category again. (Click on the category title, not the box, to select/deselect.) You may select as many parameters to filter results by as you’d like. Results will show up that fit the selections currently checked, and category names will disappear from the list that are no longer included. (For instance, if you filter by the topic “indigenous studies”, only the 3 Presenters that offer programs within this topic will now appear in the Presenter list.) Click again on the “All Programs” tab at the top of this page to remove all filters quickly.

Showing 1–28 of 108 results

Showing 1–28 of 108 results