DCA Activity & Coloring Books

The New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs (NMDCA) preserves and celebrates the incredibly abundant and diverse cultural heritage of New Mexico. We present to you Imagine Nature, A is for Artist and Tails and Tales, a series of coloring and activity books that highlight the state’s cultural and creative richness.

Imagine Nature, a coloring and activity book, features poetry by Lauren Camp, New Mexico State Poet Laureate, with illustrations commissioned by fifteen artists from around the state. Each poem was assigned to three artists to create visual interpretations of her words.

Black and illustration of a coloring book called "A is for Artists". The image includes animals in the foreground and mountains in the background.

A is for Artist is a multi-lingual New Mexico-themed alphabet coloring book. It features illustrations by twenty-seven artists from around the state. Through the playful act of coloring each page, you will learn about the special qualities of New Mexico, such as its flora, fauna, and culture.

DCA Activity Book: Tails & Tales is a collaborative project in which educators in fourteen of our NMDCA divisions joined forces to bring you activities in arts, science, history, and culture with this interactive booklet. We hope these activity books are fun and educational for your family. And when you are able to, we hope you will visit some of our locations around the state to learn even more about New Mexico and what makes us unique and wonderful!

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