History of Jemez Province


Enage in a discussion regarding the unique history of the Jemez (Hemish) people.


Located along the southern flanks of the Jemez Mountains, the Hemish of Jemez Pueblo have always represented a distinct cultural group among the Pueblo peoples of the Rio Grande. Unlike their Keres neighbors who congregated in large farming communities along major rivers and produced a distinct polychrome pottery, the Hemish historically lived in much more dispersed settlements high atop forested mesas and away from permanent water sources. They relied heavily on rainfall to sustain their agriculture and continued the manufacture of black on white pottery long after the practice was abandoned by other Puebloan groups. This presentation explores the unique history of the Hemish from their migration into the region in the 1200s to the present day.

Program Duration: 45-90 minutes

Program Targeted to: 12th Grade+, College and Adults

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