Lockdown In Lincoln – The Purpose and History of the Iconic Lincoln Torreon


Torreons were once common in the rural Hispanic villages of territorial New Mexico. Learn why torreons were often the first structure built in a new settlement.


In this lesson, students will learn how the torreon in present-day Lincoln was built by settlers moving south from the upper Rio Grande. In it’s early years, the torreon in La Placita del Rio Bonito (later renamed Lincoln) was a refuge and place of defense for settlers against Native American raids, the dreaded Horrell brothers and the violence of the Lincoln County War.

Program Duration: 45-60 min. w/ Q&A


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Fort Stanton & Lincoln Historic Sites


Social Studies


History, Social Division, Westward Expansion

Age Group

Pre-K – Kindergarten, 1st – 2nd Grade, 3rd – 5th Grade, 6th – 8th Grade, 9th – 12th Grade, College, Adult