Irons in the Fire – The Language and Purpose of Livestock Branding


Many of the conflicts and “wars” that occurred during the settlement of the “Wild West” revolved around land and livestock. Learn how ranchers and cowboys used unique brands to identify their stock and protect their livlihood.


In this lesson, students will learn the history of livestock branding and understand how to read some basic brands. Students will also be introduced to the concept of modern-day product branding, which creates a sense of identity and customer loyalty in the same way that cowboys took a sense of pride in “riding for the brand.”

Program Duration: 45-60 min. w/ Q&A


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Fort Stanton & Lincoln Historic Sites


Social Studies


History, Ranching, Westward Expansion

Age Group

Pre-K – Kindergarten, 1st – 2nd Grade, 3rd – 5th Grade, 6th – 8th Grade, 9th – 12th Grade, College, Adult