Hweedli; Warfare and Survival – Comprehensive Lessons on this dark chapter of US Colonial History


Collection of Glimpse of Life on the Reservation activities aimed to teach the history of life of Mescalero Apache and Navajo while interned at Bosque Redondo Reservation.


The story of Fort Sumner is that of American westward expansion conflicting with Native inhabitants. In this case it was the Navajo and Mescalero Apache who were targeted, waged war upon and moved to the Bosque Redondo reservation. Thousands of people were gathered and many of those died in the war, the forced marches and life on the reservation. These lessons are comprehensive units targeted at different grades and age groups to teach this dark chapter.

Program Duration: Varies

Programs Targeted to:  3rd  – 12th Grade+, Collage, and Adults


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Fort Sumner Historic Site & Bosque Redondo Memorial


Social Studies


Cultural Inequality, History, sociology

Age Group

3rd – 5th Grade, 6th – 8th Grade, 9th – 12th Grade, College, Adult