Fort Stanton Helps Save the World – Tuberculosis and the Public Health Service Era


Fort Stanton’s second life as a tuberculosis sanitorium made great contributions to the treatment and cure of one of history’s most dreaded diseases, literally helping to save the world.


On April 1, 1899, President William McKinley signed a Presidential Executive Order transferring New Mexico’s Fort Stanton to the Marine Hospital Service. Tuberculosis had become a worldwide epidemic and Fort Stanton’s doctors and nurses made tremendous contributions to the cure of this dreaded disease. After TB was brought under control, Fort Stanton’s mission of health and healing continued for another 50 years. In honor of Occupational Therapy month, this video also details how the OT profession helped soldiers, patients and residents with both the physical and psychological issues resulting from injury, disability and disease. Fort Stanton lives on today as a symbol of strength, determination and resiliency.

Program Duration: 45-90 min. w/ Q&A

Program Targeted to: 4th – 12th Grade, College, and Adults


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